“It is so important that the bridle fits well and is comfortable for your horse ... which is why I helped design the Finesse Bridle Collection and use them on all my horses.” 






No ordinary Bridle

Have you tried to get your finger under the head piece when your bridle is on your horse?

When you buy a Finesse Bridle, you will not have this problem. These Bridles have a completely unique head piece, which is designed to distribute and reduce pressure in the poll and neck of your horse. 

Technical material


The technical padding material used behind the headpiece has been developed by engineers and experts for the hospital industry where it is used for hospital mattresses to avoid issues of pressure sores. The material used is not memory foam instead a unique fibre material that allows for free blood flow, no matter the anatomical shape of the horse.

Veterinary Study


A study taken by veterinary Dr Adrian Harrison on 12 Icelandic horses has shown that all the horses had a significantly better movement through the body when wearing a Finesse Collection Bridle as compared to a standard Bridle.


The improved movement is a result of reduced pain strikes. A pain strike is termed as an overload of the muscles. The neck and muscles Splenius and Brachiocephalius which are the two myofascial lines that have a big impact on the entire movement of the horse from the neck down to the hind legs. Late 2019 the study and a detailed report will be available from the Faculty of Health and Mecal Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Cathrine Dufour


Well known and respected Grand Prix Dressage rider, Cathrine Dufour has worked with us and tested the Finesse Bridles for over 2 years on several of her horses. Cathrine provided invaluable input into the design and fit details and helped ensure that correct adjustments were made. This long term collaboration and testing has resulted in a Bridle Collection that truly delivers on style, functionality and above all comfort for the horse.





Snaffle Bridles

Classic, elegant and designed for optimum comfort and fit

Double Bridles

Classic, elegant and designed for optimum comfort and fit


Silver or gold


Plain leather, patent leather, white backing


Black or brown


Black or brown


Small, medium, large, extra large


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